Project Limelight™

Global Ad Exchange

Join the Limelight exchange as a trading partner or use our accessible SaaS tools to build your own oRTB exchange

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  1. MULTI CHANNEL MULTI FORMAT - Access demand for desktop, in app and mweb. Trade with over 80 DSPs globally. 
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - Integrate your supply in less than 24 hours. Simple OpenRTB endpoint connections can go live instantly or run our tags if you prefer. Project Limelight is a proprietary exchange built to make trading easier.
  3. CREATE YOUR OWN - Tired of minimum monthly fees, setup costs & ad serving charges which cripple your business? Talk to us about our oRTB SaaS solutions which can free you from all of that and start generating revenue today! 

No Coding

We remove the setup pain and make generating revenue swift and simple for Publishers, Buyers and SaaS clients.
Why not go live today?

In Good Company

There are over 40k sites and apps already trading on the Limelight Exchange.

Flexible Pricing

First Impressions count! Our model is designed to make sure you can experiment without fear of platform cost. You will know that you have made money on every impression from the first impression.
No Minimums, No Setup Fees,
No Ad Serving Charges.



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